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1-Bit Clicker Jam: Entry #(insert number here)

Nothing special. Just click the Diamond. Real simple. 4 other things will pop up to help you with score and give you more diamonds to get more score. Use score to buy more. End of story.

This was mostly my attempt at making a working save feature. It works.......seriously it works. It just makes cheating really easy; which I honestly have no problem with. Especially with it being my first game and all.

This is literally my first game ever, so please be incredibly critical about it. I won't learn anything otherwise. And if you like it, that's cool too.

Oh! And I want to note: One item is purposefully broken game-wise. I was playing around and got it to work. I'm still just happy I've made my first game ever. I'm a looooooooooooooooooong way from accomplishing my dream, but this is only a minor step in that direction.


TwoTone.exe 2 MB

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